Celebrating Raptors Stlye!

On December 15, Holiday Helpers had a blast celebrating the season at the Raptors’ holiday party. We were so thrilled and honoured to be invited to the party and they treated everyone like super stars! Fifteen of our moms in the 2012 program and 40 kids were also invited. They had the opportunity to dine alongside with the Raptors players and their families!


The families all arrived at the Real Sports Bar & Grill in Maple Leaf Square and were welcomed by the Raptors staff. There were games and toys for the kids. Every family enjoyed a terrific holiday dinner and dessert with the players. A photographer was on site taking family photos. Some of the moms told us that this was their first family photo and they were overcome with excitement by that small detail! The kids ran around collecting autographs from the players and left the party with tons Raptors gear to show their friends.Raptors Holiday Party 


It was a really special night for these families. Not only did they get to meet the players but they got to dress up and enjoy a night out with their family. They didn’t have to worry about bills or the stress of daily life and just enjoy an amazing night out!


Thank you to all the players and staff for inviting Holiday Helpers and our families to your holiday party.

Raptors Holiday Party Raptors Holiday Party

Raptors Holiday Party Raptors Holiday Party Raptors Holiday Party