Kicking off the 2013 Season

Now that Halloween is behind us, Holiday Helpers has officially opened for business! Actually we have been working hard since early September to get things rolling but it always seems that once Thanksgiving and Halloween are over, people can really start to think about Christmas.


It will be another banner year for Holiday Helpers as we are aiming to sponsor 325 families in the GTA. This is up from last year’s number when we sourced Christmas packages for 275 families. We are already off to a HUGE start 240 of our family wish lists sponsored by donors!


All our families come referred to us by our charity partners or through our website.  We have several criteria that a family must meet in order to qualify, but the most important one is that they are doing something to improve their current situation. Many of the main caregivers (mostly single moms) are in school, working, taking a course or upgrading their skills.  


Our goal is to make the Christmas season a memorable one for all the families in our program. Each family will receive personalized gifts from their wish list including winter coats, hats and mitts, warm clothing, toys and household items. They will also receive an artificial Christmas tree with all the decorations including the tree topper, lights and balls AND a $100 grocery gift certificate.


So donors can sign up on our Donate Now page to purchase presents from family’s wish list or donate cash towards the tree, decorations and grocery gift certificate. This second package is $195. Although our wish lists are quickly being sponsored by donors, we still have a long way to go to purchase the tree and grocery card for 325 families. Anyone interested in donating cash towards this package, can visit our Donate Money Page.


The entire Holiday Helpers team is excited about the 2013 season and can’t wait connect with all our donors again and see all our returning volunteers in December during the wrapping week!