Selecting our Holiday Helpers Families

A question that we get asked all the time is about how we select the families to sponsor each year? It’s a great question so we thought we’d take a moment to take you inside and tell you how the selection process works.

We start with the family application. Every family who goes through the HH program must apply for the program. Each application is then vetted by a team of our organizing committee to select families that are most deserving of the support.

Our main goal when reviewing the applications is to identify families who are being proactive to improve their current situation. We want to provide a one-time hand-up to parents who are trying to make things better for their kids and not those that are looking for cyclical support.  So this can include many things but we look for parents who are in school, in job training, improving their skills, actively looking for work or volunteering. Most of the families are single moms or newly immigrated families and many of them are in college or University or enrolled in a program that will make them more employable. A good portion of the families have also fled domestic abuse and are rebuilding their homes.

We have chosen not to publicize the fact that we are looking for families to support or the application process, so we rely on social workers or other charities to refer their clients to the program. This helps us ensure the families are legitimately low income and in-need of a hand-up. They identify their clients who fit the HH criteria and help them fill in the application.

Some of the organizations we partner with are:

Once a family has completed the application and they have been accepted into the program, we contact the main caregiver to fill in their personalized wish list. The wish list is vetted by our team and then sent out to a donor who has decided to sponsor a particular family.

We hope that helps answer your questions about the families in the HH program and how they are selected!