The presents are piling up!

The deadline for gift drop off has arrived! The presents are coming in and piling up at our drop-off locations throughout the city. MThe presents are piling up!y house is the drop-off for the west-end and it is quickly starting to look like an episode of “Hoarders”.

My two kids can hardly contain their excitement as more presents arrive every hour. Although we’ve talked about these gifts being for “other kids who aren’t as lucky as they are” they are just hoping that one drop-off will magically be for them!

As I weave through the pathways of gifts, I spot skateboards, winter coats, boots, colouring kits, Barbies, books, housewares and so much more. This Christmas is going to be really magical for the Holiday Helpers families!

Over the next week, all the presents received will be transferred over to our warehouse where they are inventoried, wrapped and packed for delivery.

We have nine drop-off locations throughout the city so please make sure to drop off your presents this weekend.  Thanks everyone for helping us make this season a super success for so many families this year!